The Wine Wankers now accept and review samples

jims cellars italian wine party for the wine wankers australian wine blogs

We were recently approached by a representative of an online bottle shop asking if we’d accept some wine in return for blogging about it and mentioning them.  It was like “Huh, what, someone wants to send us wine?”.

So we really had to think about this very carefully.  It was a long process that went something like this…

“Hey, someone wants to send us some wine to taste and blog about, should we be doing this”

“What, free booze?”


“Well shit yeah, let’s do it!”

We got back to them and told them that any wine we tasted would have to be within the context of our blog and that we would have to declare it.  It’s important to us that we tell our own stories.  So as long as we tell the story then we’re more than happy for the goods to be provided to us.  😉

We negotiated a few bottles of Italian wines and we will drink some of them in an upcoming Italian wine and pizza party.  We look forward to telling you all about how it goes.

And we very much understand that accepting samples and blogging about them comes with great responsibility so we have created a samples policy that now appears on our main menu.



Please let us know your thoughts

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