Here’s the latest fun we’ve been having with wine!

I’ve just got back from a trip to the Wairarapa wine region in New Zealand. Where’s that you ask? Well, New Zealand is primarily two islands right down in the South Pacific near a much bigger island called Australia. And Wairarapa? Well it would probably be easier for people to picture this region if it were called “Wellington Wine Region” or something similar as it’s about an hour out of New Zealand’s vibrant capital, Wellington, although actually much closer if it weren’t for the slow windy road over the mountain.

Wairarapa is known for its Pinot and is primarily made up of three main wine villages, Masterton, Gladstone and the most well known, Martinborough. The Pinot I had was so delicious that I could have easily cancelled my flight home and stayed for that alone. The overall gist of it is that it’s generally got the perfect balance of fruit and savoury characters with a complex structure.

And then there was the Sauvignon Blanc. Totally different to the famed Marlborough Sauv Blanc, it generally seemed to sit in the sweet spot of Savvy where the tropical characters were more tangy than sweet, ie, more passionfruit than pineapple, and there were none of the green grassy or cat pee fumes. Just yum!

After a big trip to London, Drew has been hanging out back home in Sweden tasting wine with the Aussie diplomats at the embassy. Seems he’s well on the inside there now for getting to taste good Aussie wine. 🙂

Below is the top 12 of our own recent wine adventures via our Instagram feed.

We’d love to chat to you in the comments about the wine you’ve been enjoying lately!





  1. Rediscovered Langhorne Creek a year or so ago via a Bremerton Long Table lunch. Brought back great memories of an era when this region was a favourite amongst wine lovers. So I’m enjoying the Bremerton range at present.

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  2. Now that sounds like a good trip and I know you had some fantastic wines. Are you sitting. Down? Ok, ready?! I had not had any wine from October last year until this past April.

    I was ill and it wasn’t in the cards for wine to grace our table. Getting back into the game slowly, but not with such good wines as you’ve had here! Last night we shared a bottle of Dreaming Tree Chardonnay as it was my birthday and I wanted it with grilled swordfish. Went well. Saving up for a very good Penfolds wine.❤️❤️

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  3. Definitely a good drop by the sound of it. I am madly trying to fill my new wine rack and create an impressive collection. Mind you a good wine often doesn’t stay on a rack for too long. 🙂 I just got my new wine rack 120 bottle kit from and it looks good. I have plenty of good South Australian wine and with a few more dozen additions it should be filled and ready for the next party.

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