The best of our latest #wine adventures! What wine have you been drinking?

Drew has just returned home to Sweden, via New York, after a couple of weeks back here in Sydney, so he’s been lucky to enjoy wine in his usual adventurous style. My recent wine tasting (umm, drinking) has all been home here in Sydney, and by home I mean home. Home is a great place to be… I’m jealous of Drew!

Here’s our recent top 12 wine experiences. We embed from our Instagram feed because that’s our primary media for imagery of our wine fun. We hope you get something out of it. There’s some great wines in here!

Please let us know what wine you’ve been drinking. We love to hear about other people’s joy with wine!



  1. Now there’s a thought, maybe the wine tastes different at different altitudes (besides in planes 🙂 ). Or the wine making for that matter.
    Tasting the same wine in the Blue mountains here, or a valley in France somewhere may give it different qualities.
    Your mission, should you choose to accept it…is to taste, taste and taste some more…in those altitudes 🙂

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  2. Cental Otago is the only true contender to France’s bourgone! Oh seriously, in no order, Ochota Barrels “Home”, Shaw & Smith, Pooley Cooinda Vale and Butcher’s Hill, David Lloyd’s Eldridge, Moorooduc, Piano Piano, Giaconda, Toolangi and at the very very top, rivalling grand crus, Domaine A’s 2000 reserve. Let’s keep our observations, hip as they may be, in the ground along with the roots of the vines. Silly boys!

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    • Thanks Stephen for your comment! Wine is really subjective and everyone has their own opinion. That was Drew’s opinion, but I’m with you on this. Central Otago Pinot can be good but I actually prefer Martinborough Pinot out of the NZ Pinot families and I agree with you, there’s great Aussie Pinot too. I actually find CO Pinot a little too minerally at times. SO there you go, subjective. But hey, I’m not a proper wine wanker after all… 😉


  3. How much do I love your posts……well, lots! ❤️😘 I am completely jealous of Drew’s travels and all the lovely wine and food he’s experienced. Currently doing armchair traveling and enjoying pinots, NZ Sauvignon Blancs and experimenting with blends. It’s summer, brutally hot, so cooler dishes and wines prevail.


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  4. I just rated the Albis 2006 with 97 points (Cabernet from chile). I found it outstanding. You can get it for about 30€!

    If you’re looking for a very special red wine, I suggest you try the “oikonomoy Sitia 1999” from Greece. This is a masterpiece, the best from burgundy and Piedmont. Never thought that Greek wine could taste so great!

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  5. Actually in one of my books that takes place on Mars thousands years from now the inhabitants make wine there and very good one too . This is it.,
    This said it’s a good idea to try to save earth because for the moment is the only planet making wine.
    Anyway as I’ve stumbled accidentally in your blog I think that we follow each other on twitter @GattoTheCat and @mneme9. Nice to see you here.

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