Jancis Robinson talks about her new wine glass collection and those Zalto rumours

Can the world’s top wine writer also produce the world’s best wine glass? That’s the question I wanted to ask when I reached out to Jancis Robinson about her new wine glass and decanter collaboration with famed glass blower, Richard Brendon.  She politely declined. 😦

Maybe with a name like, ‘The Wine Wankers‘, we have some credibility issues. Not to worry. Who needs the real deal, when you can dress your best friend up in a Jancis wig and face mask! Knowing she’s a good sport, I’m sure she won’t mind.

“When we first approached Jancis we were delighted by her desire to design just one perfect wine glass,” said Richard. “The resulting 1 Collection offers one wine glass, one water glass, and a pair of decanters designed respectively for wines at very different stages in their evolution: the only pieces you’ll ever need to enjoy your wine at it’s very best.”

Why has she only released one glass size, are the wine glasses any good, and why do her wine glasses look and feel almost identical to Zalto  (Jancis LOVES Zalto – click here, here and here). All is revealed when Jancis talks exclusively to The Wine Wankers Shopping Network.

For more information and stockists, head to https://richardbrendon.com/collections/jancisrobinson



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