We found 12 of the quirkiest wine Christmas presents, and here they are!

It’s The Wine Wankers annual Christmas gift buying guide for the person in your life who loves wine more than their own children (you know who you are!). Conrad and I (Drew) hate traditional Christmas gift guides, which is why you’ll find the unconventional, must haves, and freakin expensive #winegiftporn items up for grabs – how can you possibly go wrong?!

And if nothing here grabs your attention, you can check out last year’s here, 2016’s list here, and 2015’s list here!

Let us know which present you will be pestering your relatives for, in the comment section below.

FYI – The Wine Wankers have not received any financial kickbacks from any of these gift providers, we genuinely love them!

Sipski Shower Wine Glass Holder: because drinking wine on the couch is overrated! Buy it here ($18)

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Medical wine bracelet: you know that aunt that drinks too much wine. Gift sorted!

Melodia Wine Box Audio system: Move over Sonos,because the Italians have brought together beautiful music and drinking wine in to one beautiful creation. Buy it here (350,00 – 450,00€)

VSpin Wine Aeration decanter: You’re not drunk – because there IS a tornado in your Spiegelau wine decanter! The Wine Wankers are BIG fans of this innovation, and have been using it for the past 12 months. Not only does the VSpin actually work, gently decanting a wine and improving the flavour in a matter of minutes, it’s a massive talking point when you drag it out at a dinner party. Four minutes is the equivalent of four hours of decanting! Buy it here ($200)


The Myrcene Hemp Gin, (Gin infused with Cannabis): This Aussie company has just released the world’s first ever gin distilled using cannabis terpenes. You have been warned!  According to the company, “Used in high concentrations such as this, terpenes are an increasingly sought-after commodity due to their therapeutic value in dietary health and wellness supplements. When cannabis is utilised for its health-giving properties, it works best as a whole plant therapy featuring more than just isolated cannabinoids.” Bloody hell – it’s a health elixr as well. Sign me up! Buy it here. ($99)

Puik Hat wine cooler: One of my pet hates is wine that is served too cold. If you leave your wine in a bucket of ice after it’s reached its temperature, you are murdering the delicate flavours the winemaker has worked so hard to produce; a wine cooler without ice is different – it preserves a wine’s current temperature.

The Dutch design team behind Puik has made the wine cooler of foam which is great for insulating, and while it looks expensive, it’s not. Buy it here. (€25.00)

Bubbly Sparkling Wine Making Kit: what could possibly go wrong when you decide to make your own home-made sparkling wine and bottle it with six bars of pressure in your bathroom! Exactly – at least it’s not as risky as a home meth lab! Buy it here.

The Modern Champagne Glass by Alissia Melka-Teichroew for Charles and Marie: Who cares if these Champagne glasses look like they would topple over with a slight touch – they look beautiful! Buy it here (€55 each)

HaloVino disposable wine glasses: Here’s a cheap stocking stuffer. a portable, spill-and-splatter proof, outdoor-friendly, stackable wine glass that optimizes taste. Buy it here ($10 for a six pack)

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Smirnoff vodka-filled oversized Christmas ornaments – why should you be the only one getting lit on Christmas day – now your tree can as well! Available everywhere in the USA for $13 (750ml bottle)

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Turn your dog in to a sommelier with four legs with Pet Butler! Who say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Put your dog to work this weekend! Buy it here.

Corkers Wine Robots: Finally you can put those useless wine closures to good use! Buy it here ($25)



  1. Some of those are just priceless, like the dog-butler. Hyper-decanter looks pretty cool though. But I’m really wondering how that works: “wine glass that optimizes taste”?


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