Sparkling Shiraz – The perfect pizza wine!

Today on Twitter I saw someone challenge the concept of sparkling red wine. I love a good red sparkler especially a really well made sparkling shiraz. And they go so well with pizza. Something about these wines cuts right through the fat and creates a beautiful blended taste of food and wine in your mouth.

I’ve been told that sparkling shiraz goes well with a bacon and eggs fry-up the morning after a big night. I still haven’t been brave enough to try that one yet but it is on the list of my food and wine pairing must-dos!

The Wine Wankers

seppelt original sparkling shiraz and dominos pizza wine blog great nice best wine online wine wankersI still clearly remember the first time I actually enjoyed sparkling shiraz.  It’s one of those moments etched into the crevices of my mind.  I probably remember it so well not only because of the enjoyment I had but also because I was humbled.  My approach to the subject of sparkling shiraz had been both arrogant and ignorant and I got pounded by the experience.

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  1. Love a good sparkling shiraz. All the advantages of a good bodied red, with the fun and glitz of bubbles. Ballandean wines in Stanthorpe also do a good sparkling merlot. Great on a hot day.

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  2. Sparkling Shiraz means celebration, be it at Christmas with ham or a plate of prawns or a fat t bone, melting hot and caramelised on the bbq in summer. Love the deep, deep glowing red bubbles. It should be more popular, as far as I’m concerned. There should be more wine makers who embrace it.

    Grant Burge is my fav pick.
    Love the stuff.

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  3. Sparkling Shiraz is a uniquely Aussie, underrated delight. I was pleasantly astonished to discover it when I moved here. Totally agree, WW! Just picked up some little 2006 beauties from a small winery in the Hunter. Going to try to keep 2 for Xmas. The other is for pizza night!

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  4. Love Shiraz in all forms. I seldom drink alcohol any more. … yay, party pooper.

    When I do buy wine, on the rare occasion. I look for one un-oaked. Really, if truth be known? I only drink for to get sloshed. So almost anything, will do that.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a post.
    Cheers Jamie.


  5. Guys, guys – the best-paired sparkling wine with pizza is not RED – it’s a sparkling white made with hops & barley called, um… BEER. (not sure what grapes they use but it goes down great)

    Thanks for the visit & like just now !
    Had you heard of Os Mutantes?


  6. I have tried pizza with different varieties of red wine. But after reading this post, I must try pizza with Sparkling Shiraz. Thanks for sharing useful tips. Will surely try out above shared tips.


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