The 20 best Christmas gifts for wine lovers

It’s Christmas – forget buying boring presents for your wine loving friends – the Wine Wankers have assembled the ultimate gift guide full of quirky must haves for this festive season.  Let us know in the comment section which present you’d like to see under your tree on December 25.

The Santa Flask:  Fill it with Domain Romanee Conti and let the good times flow!  Buy it here. ($20)

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Reindeer Champagne Glasses: Now you know why Rudolph had a red nose – Champagne!!!  Buy it here ($10 per dozen).


Wine for cats: Don’t forget the pets this Christmas! If you’re gonna drink yourself under the table, at least the cat can now join you!  Nyan Nyan Nouveau is red wine made for cats, and of course it comes from Japan!  Buy it here. ($4/bottle)


Follow me/bring wine thongs/flip flops: If you’re looking for a sign – this is it!  Buy them here. ($28)

il_570xN.817785773_23trA really cool wine rack: We hate ugly wine racks – especially boring wooden ones.  If we were rich, we’d want the Wine Hive or Stact modular systems, big enough to fit 200 bottles – these two are the coolest modular wine racks around. Buy it here, and here (Wine Hive $150 holds six bottle stand, Stact approx $150 holds nine bottles)

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Fancy bath time wine caddy: If you’re drinking expensive wine, do it in style while you bathe!  Buy it here. ($40)


Bogan His and hers toilet roll holder: For the not so fancy households (you know – for those relatives you only see once a year!).  Buy it here. ($28)


Save the Winos T shirt and tank: Um, do you come with the shirt!!  Buy it here and here. ($28)

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Savino Wine Saver Carafe: I like my wine FRESH – and the natural enemy to fresh wine is air. This genius wine carafe sports a floating seal so your wine will never oxidise.  Buy it here. ($50)


A Champagne Saber made for sommeliers: Nothing says Merry Christmas better than a sword that can slice the top off a Champagne bottle. Let’s ignore the fact it will be almost impossible to get through customs, and could result in minuscule glass chards in your glass of Jacques Selosse.  Buy it here. ($200)


Strange Carafe collection by Etienne Meneau: Probably not dishwasher safe.  Buy it here. (approx $4000)

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Santa Pants BYO bottle carrier: Because your wine needs to arrive at the Thai restaurant looking festive, right!?  Buy it here. ($17)


Santa Hats for your Champagne glass: No glass should be served naked this Christmas.  Buy it here. ($5/pack of 10)


Wine Lovers Colouring in Book: Colouring in books are all the rage for adults, so why should wine lovers miss out on all the fun.  Plus you get to learn while you colour.  Just dont colour outside the lines, otherwise your ‘judgey’ child will look down on you for drinking while colouring in!  Buy it here.  ($24)

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Spot-Not: wine gadget that dries any shaped glass: Why am I only discovering this now – if you only knew how many Champagne glass I’ve broken over the years! Buy it here. ($20)


A freaking Discovery WineStation!!!: OK – now this is what you get if you REALLY want to spoil someone.  You can have four bottles of top shelf wine going at once, all protected from oxidation. Buy it here. ($5000)


The HandleBar Wine Opener: Buy it, because you know it will Instagram well! Buy it here. ($12)

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A Wine Weathervane: For the person who has everything and wants to tell the world they own everything, by sticking it on their rooftop.  Buy it here. ($1295 to $4195)

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Giant Champagne cork stool and side table: If your love for Champagne is huge – this will satisfy your thirst! Buy it here.   ($314)


Sywawa Brandy designer firepit and Fire Away firepit: Nothing beats a firepit and glass of McLaren Vale Grenache on a cold winter’s night – to me, this is heaven!   You can have one that is shaped like a wine glass, or support an Aussie designer friend of the Wine Wankers – The Fire-Away firepit, which actually flat packs away during the summer months!  Buy it here and here. ($500 and $350)

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A rechargeable LED cork that turns a wine bottle into a lamp: I would love to try this out on a bottle of Rose as the sun sets during the summer months.  Heaven! Buy it here.  ($15)





  1. The champagne cork stool and side table is so fabulous – a must have for this champagne lover – I will alert Santa immediately. Thank you for sharing these unique and fun gift ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  2. Thanks for so many new ideas. For some time I have been looking for champagne flutes with a belly and taper, not dissimilar to the standard ISO glass. I have found one that fits the bill: the box says Living Space, Silueta, European glass champagne flute. A box of four is $29.99 at Spotlight.

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  3. I’d like the LED cork!!! Just wondering what would happen if I had 2 corks & put one in each ear? Would my eyes light up? Hmm? Anyway great post, great ideas & now it’s time for a glass of wine!

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  4. Lots of fun gift ideas here. Wall wine racks or wine glasses racks can also be a great idea for holiday gifts. Many of these wine racks are handmade and many are also affordable.


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