This wine glass holds 25 bottles – you won’t believe how much it sells for

If you’re trying to cut back your wine intake to one glass a day – look away!  Costco in the UK is selling what is arguably the world’s largest wine glass.  It’s costs £59.98 and it holds 25 x 750ml bottles of the good stuff.

‘I’ll just have half a glass tonight!’

At 118 cm tall (46 inches) this wine glass will tower over your children!

As Babe Zaman, manager of Costco told The Birmigham Mail: “It gives a whole new meaning to saying you’re just having the one glass of wine!

“It has certainly been attracting attention in the store as a gift item.”

What wine would you fill this baby with?

‘This wine tastes corked!’


  1. How do you buy it? I can’t find it anywhere!!!!! Can someone give me the item number or the website page to go to to buy it…? Please and thank you.


  2. Is anyone willing to purchase one and ship to the USA for me. I will pay for someone to buy and ship for me. Thanks


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