This wine glass holds 25 bottles – you won’t believe how much it sells for

If you’re trying to cut back your wine intake to one glass a day – look away!  Costco in the UK is selling what is arguably the world’s largest wine glass.  It’s costs £59.98 and it holds 25 x 750ml bottles of the good stuff.

‘I’ll just have half a glass tonight!’

At 118 cm tall (46 inches) this wine glass will tower over your children!

As Babe Zaman, manager of Costco told The Birmigham Mail: “It gives a whole new meaning to saying you’re just having the one glass of wine!

“It has certainly been attracting attention in the store as a gift item.”

What wine would you fill this baby with?

‘This wine tastes corked!’


  1. How do you buy it? I can’t find it anywhere!!!!! Can someone give me the item number or the website page to go to to buy it…? Please and thank you.


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